There are many resources produced

  • Naming the Moment: Political Analysis for Action by Deborah Barndt
  • Moments in Movement: Images and Voices of the Moment Project
  • A Popular Education Handbook by Rick Arnold and Bev Burke
  • A New Weave: Popular Education in Canada and Central America by Rick Arnold, Deborah Barndt, and Bev Burke
  • Connecting Our Selves: Learning for Social Action… The Case of the Moment Project by Lynne Davis
  • Counting Our Victories: Popular Education and Organizing by Denise Nadeau
  • Getting the Community Into the Act: 72 Participatory Activities for Field Workers and Trainers prepared by Pat Ellis
  • Collective Murals by chris cavanagh
  • Some Questions on Education in Guinea-Bissau by Claudius Ceccon
  • Ready for Action: A Popular Theatre Popular Education Manual by The Enviromaniacs-WPIRG
  • Paper Spiders and Lucky Frogs edited by chris cavanagh
  • Ending Poverty in Ontario workshop manual and participant kit
  • Immigrants and Precarious Employment Manual and Participant Kit
  • Seeing the Workplace with New Eyes: A self-help guide for Workplace Safety and Health committees and representatives
  • Families are Important Resources Project Manual
  • Ah-Hah! A New Approach to Popular Education by GATT-Fly
  • Coyuntural Analysis: Critical Thinking for Meaningful Action – A Manual for Facilitators